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Payroll Protection Program Loans

Application Information, Links and Resources

As an approved Small Business Administration (SBA) lender, we want to help provide you with the application information links and resources you will need to complete the Payroll Protection Program Loan application process.

You must be a Service 1st member in order to apply through our application portal.

Please review the information below. It is very important to complete each step and provide all documentation as requested in order to successfully complete this application process.

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If you have questions regarding the information below, call our Contact Center at 800.562.6049 and ask to be directed to a member of our Business Development and Specialized Lending Team.


The following organizations are eligible to apply.

  • Small businesses with 500 or fewer employees
  • Nonprofits: 501(c)3 and 501(c)19 (Veterans Organizations) only
  • NAICS Code 72 (Hospitality & Restaurants) with more than 500 employees may be eligible
Churches, real estate holding companies and passive real estate investments are not eligible for this program.

For additional eligibility information, terms and program details, please reference the Payroll Protection Program Business Owner's Guide.

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Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation vs. Payroll Protection Program Loan
Lenders nationwide have seen a large influx of Payroll Protection Program loan applications. As you may have seen in media reports, there has been a large amount of confusion on the best path for self-employed individuals or independent contractors. Click here to learn more about the difference between Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation and Payroll Protection Program Loans. 

steps to complete the application process
Please take your time and complete each step before proceeding to the next to ensure you've provided all the required information. Failure to cpmplete each step may result in your application being delayed or denied.                 - Payroll Protection Program Application
                - Payroll Protection Average Weekly Payroll Worksheet (Calculator Worksheet)
  • Step 2Click here and follow the prompts to establish a user account and begin the credit union loan application process.
  • Step 3 | Gather all required documents, including those you completed earlier in the process and make sure they are in a format that you are able to upload. Click here to view a list of the required documents you will need to complete the process.
  • Step 4 | Click here to log back in to your user account, upload the required documents and complete the credit union application process. 
links and additional resources

*Contact credit union for full loan details.