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make your move

switch kit

The switch kit contains everything you will need to quickly and easily switch your checking, savings, and even money market accounts to Service 1st.

You will want to stop writing checks and conducting automatic electronic transactions on your old account to avoid any non-sufficient funds or overdraft fees from your previous institution. Be sure to confirm all electronic payments and deposits have been switched to Service 1st. If you will be mailing in change forms to 3rd parties, you may wish to call them to confirm that they have received your request and made the changes.

Click here for a printable switch kit checklist.

*documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

change all direct deposits
change online bill payees

If you use the bill pay service at your previous financial institution, be sure to cancel each payee and add them to your Service 1st bill payer service. If you have not yet signed up for bill payer, you can do it through your online banking account through Service1st@Home for FREE. Simply log in and click on "bill payer".

change automatic payments

If you have any payments automatically deducted for any bills, credit cards, or utilities, you will need to contact each company individually or fill out the Automatic Payment Letter and mail it. Print Automatic Payment Checklist as a resource.

close accounts at previous financial institutions

Before you close your account, be sure that all checks and electronic payments that are pending have posted. Also make sure you have verified the changes listed above in steps 1, 2, and 3. You can go to your previous financial institution and close your account or you may fill out the Previous Financial Institution Letter and mail it.

don’t forget to destroy

Cut up or shred any information with your previous financial institution’s information, account number, location, etc. This includes:

  • old checks
  • ATM cards
  • VISA check cards
  • deposit slips
  • etc.