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treat your employees with the benefits of service 1st federal credit union

As the leader of a business or organization, you have the best interests of your employees in mind. Offering credit union membership is one way to enhance the benefits or perks you can offer them. What’s even better, there’s no cost to become one of the Select Employer Groups we serve!

why is service 1st right for my employees?

Being a Service 1st member entitles your employees to services such as a checking account, a trusted loan source, free online banking and much more.

how many locations do you have?

We currently have 11 locations. Two in Danville, where our corporate center is located, one in Wilkes-Barre, one in the Williamsport area, one in Lewisburg, one in Mifflinburg, one in Montandon, one in Shamokin Dam, one in Sunbury, one in Bloomsburg and one in Danville High School that is only open to their students.

could your employees use advice on preparing for retirement?

Our Retirement & Investment Center is available to all of our members. Members can schedule a free consultation to discuss their financial situation, attend free educational seminars and take advantage of the other savings accounts they can open through us.

why should i worry about my employees financial institution?

Studies show that a financially-stressed employee can cost a business as much as $2,000 per employee annually according to financial education researchers. By enabling your employees to have access to a trusted and caring financial institution they can leave some of their worries behind as they move forward knowing we are here to help them.

additional services we provide our select employer groups and their employees:

  • On-site presentation by credit union representatives. Informative presentations: identity theft, understanding credit, reducing financial stress.
  • Employee consults. In person or by phone. Credit review or budgeting.
  • Free showcase of your business service and or products at credit union facility.

where can i learn more?

For more information on becoming one of our Select Employer Groups,  contact us.