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Visa® Debit Card*

a debit card makes your checking account work smarter for you

A Debit Card is a handy financial tool that allows you to make purchases, get cash and access your checking account 24 hours a day. A Debit Card works like a check: when you make a purchase, the money is taken directly out of your checking account - unlike a credit card where you are billed later for your purchases.

speed up purchases, access cash

Retail purchases are faster and easier when you use a Debit Card. You don't have to fill out a check, present identification and wait while it's verified. You can even request cash back on purchases made with your VISA® Debit Card. Use it for purchasing online, too. You can also use your Debit Card at designated ATMs to withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds and make loan payments. Simply keep the receipts you get from retail merchants or ATMs and record the amounts later in your checkbook register. We will even transfer funds from a designated account to protect you from accidental overdrafts! Debit Card transactions appear on your monthly checking account statement along with details on the location, date and amount of transaction. You can also track your transactions online by accessing your account via Service 1st online (our online banking tool).


  • It's contactless—just tap and pay faster 
  • EMV Chip technology to safeguard personal information
  • Card controls – let’s you manage your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Digital Issuance – is one way we are incorporating digital channels to make managing your finances easier. Whether you’ve requested a new Visa® Debit Card, or you recently lost your card; you now have access to upload your card to the mobile wallet on your smart device within a few hours of your request being processed. 

order yours today!

To apply for your Visa® Debit Card, log in to Service 1st online or mobile banking, stop by your favorite Service 1st office, call our Contact Center at 800.562.6049, or select the "Let's Talk!" icon at the bottom of this page. 

* Must have a credit union checking account. Visa® Debit Cards are also known as Check Cards.