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Financial Education

Whether you’re learning to spend, save, borrow, or manage your money wisely, Service 1st is the place to go for financial education. We’ve got the tools, resources, and experts to guide you through every stage of your personal financial journey.

Financial Check Up - Ready for the next step? Prepare for your free Financial Check Up! You’ll need to print and complete a Financial Check Up worksheet and schedule an appointment with a credit union representative. Call us at 800.562.6049 or email to schedule your appointment today!

take control of your finances
take control of your debt

You’ve heard the old saying, "live within your means." Easier said than done for some. The important thing is that you’ve reached a point where you realize your life would be a lot less stressful if you didn’t have bills to worry about. Short of winning the lottery, what can you do? Here are a few steps that will help.

evaluate your insurance coverage

All your hard work in managing your finances, budgeting and saving could go to waste if you don’t have the right type and amount of insurance coverage in the case of an unexpected loss or tragedy. Check out these tips on insurance coverage to be sure you’re protected.

Auto Insurance

Home Owners Insurance

How can I reduce the cost of my home owner insurance policy?
What’s covered by home owner insurance policies?

plan for home ownership

Think buying a home is confusing? Check out these resources to learn more about the process before you get started. Knowledge is power and most times can lead to money saved!

Home Loan Calculators
Home Owner’s Insurance

plan for retirement

Designed exclusively for credit union members, and located right at the credit union, the Service 1st Retirement & Investment Center is a full-service financial advisory program. We provide retirement, insurance and investment services and we’re here to help you and your family through a lifetime of financial planning needs - from those just starting a savings plan, to those with sizable assets looking for more sophisticated management tools.

plan for your child's college education
If you’re good at planning ahead, you may have thought about it before your child was even born. After all, it’s one of the major responsibilities you face as a parent: your child’s college education.

Personal growth and expanded horizons are reason enough to send a child to college, but there are more practical considerations, too. College graduates have more jobs to choose from, and they generally make more money than people who have a high school education. That makes college education very important for your child’s future. Learn how you can plan for your child's education.

protect your credit score
Whether you are trying to build your credit score or just maintain the score you have achieved, we've got your back. Check out these helpful and educational links for a better understanding of your credit score!
invest in your future

Need some help finding the right path for your financial future? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together an itinerary that takes in all the basics for your journey to learn more about saving and investing. Traveling down the right road to achieving financial well-being is one of the most important trips that you’ll ever make in life. You don’t have to be a genius to do it... and you don’t have to be rich... you just need to hit the road and get started with investing!

Learn more about traditional savings plans

other resources, tips, and tools

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