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how can my business join

Interested in the benefits of membership for your business and your employees and want to become a Select Employee Group (SEG)? You've come to the right place!

how to enroll

Enrolling as a Select Employee Group is a simple process. To start the process, we need a formal request signed by you. We have provided a sample letter to show you the layout and information most commonly used on the letter.

The sample letter can be viewed in one of 2 formats:

The final draft of the letter should be completed on your company's own letterhead. The letter will include your Business or Organization's name, a description, the number of employees or members, and your distance in miles from the nearest Service 1st office.

This letter will be mailed to Service 1st at:

Service 1st FCU
ATTN: Business Development
1985 Montour Blvd
PO BOX 159
Danville, PA 17821

The approval process takes approximately 3 weeks once your original letter is submitted.