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it's never too early

youth account benefits

You're never too old, or too young, to start saving money. Here at Service 1st, we are teaching children and young adults how to spend and save wisely, while still maintaining a fun and budget-friendly social life! We offer a variety of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of children, teens and even recent graduates heading off to college.

youth account perks

Every youth member who opens a new account will receive a unique account identification card so they can access their account and learn to manage their money independently and wisely.

personal birthday greeting (ages 0 - 13)

The team at your local branch takes time to personally acknowledge every youth member's birthday by sending a personalized birthday greeting.

birthday gift (ages 0 - 13)

Surprise! The birthday greeting card also invites our youth members ages 0 - 13 to visit a branch and select a gift from an assortment of goodies. Not only is it a fun reason to visit the credit union, it's also a great time to deposit any birthday money received into a savings accountyouth certificate or open a coverdell education savings account.

financial stages for different ages

Service 1st has a variety of products and services designed for the youth of all ages. Read about all we have to offer below to decide which path may be right for you, or your child.

my start (early childhood)

Designed for early childhood, my start is tailored for young children, as well as their parents, to get them on the path to a prosperous financial future. You can never be too young to start saving money! We strive to lay the foundation for young kids to start saving early and keep saving as they get older.

my choice (tweens & young adults)

Designed for tweens and young adults, my choice targets the in-between stage of kids as they transform from teens into young adults. Teens begin to grow curious with which financial decisions may benefit them in the future, but perhaps need help understanding what their best options are. The good news is that Service 1st has products designed to offer great real-life financial management experience with the guidance and support they need to ensure their financial decisions are in their best interest.

my life (young adults & recent grads)

Designed for young adults and recent grads, my life offers financial products and services that can be taken with you and kept forever. We understand heading off to college can be a scary thing, but Service 1st is here to lend a hand and help as best we can to make sure that the transition from high school to college is smooth sailing. We’ll be your financial partner as you take the next step and continue to save for adulthood.