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member benefits

In the world of banking, there are many different "breeds" from corporate banks, regional banks, savings and loan institutions, to credit unions!

Here are reasons why you can feel good about joining the credit union pack:

  “You won’t end up in the dog house.”
We promise to be honest with you. We make decisions that are in your best interest, not ours. We’re careful to not overextend you, keeping your financial position healthy and strong. Trust us and you won’t end up in the dog house.
  “We’ll throw you a bone.”
Credit unions are about people helping people. And in the crazy world we live in today, we understand that many have hit rough patches in life. The good news is, we value your relationship with us just as much as the value of your credit score. So treat us right and we’ll do our best to throw you a bone and lend you a hand.
  “We don’t bite the hand that feeds us.”
Once you’ve joined our pack, you’re one of us. With just a $1 membership fee and a $5 minimum share deposit, you can open your account and have ownership in the credit union, and as one of our owners, we will be sure to not bite the hand that feeds us.
  “We can sit, speak and bark!”
Don’t believe what some may tell you that we are a one-act show. We have a full line of financial products and services to meet your changing needs. From savings and investments to loans, mortgages and business services. We’ve got you covered from cold-wet-nose to wagging tail.
  “We are always happy to see you.”
No matter where you’ve come from or how long you’ve been gone, we’re always happy to see you. We’re a friend that you can rely on to always be here, eagerly awaiting your arrival back home to us.