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deposit services

Depositing your check at the credit union has never been easier! Whether you're at home or on the go, with mobile deposit services you can deposit your check even when the branch is closed!*

mobile deposit service

If you’re on the go and want to skip the hassle of mailing your check to the credit union, try our Mobile Deposit Service. Simply download the Service 1st Mobile Banking app and select Mobile Deposit Service from the menu. You’ll be asked to record details about your check and snap a picture with the camera on your mobile device to complete the transaction. It’s that easy!

Try our Mobile Deposit Services today! Have questions? Contact us at 800.562.6049 to speak with a member service representative during normal business hours.

night deposit box

Night deposit boxes are available at all of our locations to allow you to conveniently deposit funds. There is no charge for using the night deposit box and envelopes are available for you. Items deposited before the office opens for business are collected and posted that day. Items deposited after opening are collected and posted the next business day, first thing in the morning.

If an item is deposited in error or a mistake was made completing the information on the deposit envelope, please contact us immediately and we will make sure all items are posted correctly. Please be sure your contact information is up-to-date, as in the case of an error on the envelope we will need to contact you.

direct deposit & payroll deduction

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction are two convenient services that can drastically simplify your finances. Instead of having to run to the credit union to have your check cashed, wouldn't it be simpler if the money was already in your account and readily available to you? Instead of depositing part of your paycheck onto your loan payment, wouldn't it be simpler to have the loan paid automatically? That's the reality of direct deposit and payroll deduction.

Service 1st can post the funds to your savings or checking account. Add in our Auto-Transfer service and those funds can easily be moved to pay loans, other member accounts and any other accounts you have here.


*Restrictions and limitations apply. Mobile Deposit Services are available for qualified members in good standing with the credit union. Service 1st reserves the right to discontinue use of this service at any time. In addition, Service 1st may suspend a member’s use of the Mobile Deposit Service indefinitely if deemed necessary. Please review our faqzzzz for further information about this service.