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time for a break?

skip-a-pay for the season!

Whether you are looking for some extra holiday cash, or simply need to make a little extra room in your budget, we want to help. Our Skip-A-Payment program allows members the opportunity to skip one month’s payment on up to two (2) separate qualified loans per calendar year. To find out if your next payment is eligible, simply start by logging in to Service1st@Home online banking.

how skip-a-payment works

  • Log in to Service1st@Home online banking.
  • Click on the widget  next to the loan you wish to skip and select "Skip-A-Payment."
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, then click “Continue.”
  • Follow the prompt to select the account you’d like the Skip-A-Payment processing fee* to be taken from.
  • Once complete, you will see a Skip-A-Payment confirmation.
If you are interested in skipping a payment for a Home Equity Line of Credit/Everyday Equity Line of Credit or Personal Line of Credit/Flexline, call our Contact Center for details.

need a little help? Click here for detailed instructions that will guide you through the Skip-A-Payment program.

For more information, call our Contact Center at 800.562.6049.

Click here to access the Skip-A-Payment request and online signature form.

* There is a $30 processing fee per loan skipped. The fee applies to one monthly payment, two consecutive bi-weekly payments or four consecutive weekly payments. Once this form is received and approved by the credit union, your next scheduled monthly payment will be skipped. Interest will continue to accrue (at the rate provided in your original loan agreement) during the skip period and will be paid before any payments, once payments resume. Skipping a payment will result in you having to pay higher total interest than if you made your payment as originally scheduled. This payment skip will extend the term of your loan(s) and you will have to make extra payment(s) after your loan(s) would otherwise be paid off. You will be required to resume your regular monthly payments in the months following the skip. If you previously elected credit life and/or disability insurance, the insurance coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date. If you previously elected GAP, skipping payments may affect the GAP payout at total loss. If recent data shows that you have been delinquent on the above-listed loan(s) for any reason, the credit union reserves the right to deny your request to Skip-A-Payment. If your request is denied, the credit union will contact you. Not available on student loans, commercial/business loans, credit cards and first mortgage loans. Loans must have been opened at least six (6) months prior to the date the request is received to qualify. Maximum of one skip per loan per calendar year. Additional restrictions may apply. If your loan is set up for automatic transfer from an external source or homebanking, it is your responsibility to cancel the transfer and request that it is restarted after the Skip-A-Payment(s). If you are requesting this Skip-A-Payment via closed-end messaging in Service1st@Home, you may attach the completed Skip-A-Payment request form to the closed-end message.