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800.562.6049 option 2

Our automated telephone response system is available 24x7 to provide you instant access to your accounts. All you need is a touch-tone telephone, your member number, a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and a secondary access code.

account balances

Teller-Phone will give you the current total and available funds in any of your Service 1st accounts. Simply call Teller-Phone and follow the prompts to access the balance on any account, including your savings, checking, Christmas club, certificates and loans.

the ability to transfer funds from one account to another

With Teller-Phone, you can transfer funds from any sub-account you own to any other sub-account or to any member you have designated. Simply follow the prompts to select from the standard transfer types available or customize your transfer if it is not in our predefined list. Then enter the amount. If you are sure the transfer sounds right, you can confirm it and make it happen, otherwise you can cancel the transfer or modify the amount or accounts used in the transfer. The transfer happens 'live' in our system and the balances are updated immediately.

To access teller-phone information, click here.